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Bharat Ratna Dr.A.P.J.ABDUL KALAM (Former President of India) applauds RAM OPEN SCHOOL's ​Mission​​ of Education​













The Aim of RAM OPEN SCHOOL is to,

• Spread the Awareness about Education

• Eradicate Illiteracy.

• Eradicate school Dropouts

• Getting Promotions in Private sector.

• Getting better job prospects in private sector.

• Educate and Develop Rural area Students.

• Serve the students who could not attend regular schools due to family circumstances.

• To provide education to those belonging to disadvantaged groups e.g. the, socially and   educationally disadvantaged classes and other socially, culturally, economically,   geographically back ward sections of the society.

• To encourage students to apply for further studies through distance mode after passing   X standard and XII standard.

• To develop the students with employable skill sets so that they are able to face the real   world in a confident manner.

Some of the study centres who are not associated with us are giving false promises that studying through RAM OPEN SCHOOL or any of the associated study centres will make the student to get admission in regular school and colleges and can get employment in Government sector. Please do not believe these false promises.

RAM OPEN SCHOOL will not be responsible for any problems arising due to false promises. We request all the students to apply through proper channels after fully checking the eligibility factors and do not to get cheated by unauthorized centres or agents.



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